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Pure Collagen VS. Complete Collagen

What is collagen
 |  Why do I need collagen  |  What collagen supplement should I choose  | Pure Collagen VS. Complete Collagen  |  Conclusion

Pure Collagen is a NoordCode bestseller. Recently, we launched a new collagen product: NoordCode Complete Collagen. In this blog, we will explain the difference and which one is most suitable for you, so that after reading, you will know exactly what to base your choice on. But first, what exactly is collagen? And why do you need it?


What is collagen?


Collagen is a protein found in many different parts of the body. Collagen in skin is different from that in cartilage, blood vessels, or bones. The amino acid composition, structure, and function differ for each type of collagen.

At least 26 types of collagen have been defined. The most common are:

Type I collagen is the most abundant collagen in the body, found mainly in skin, hair, nails, bones and ligaments.

Type II collagen is mainly found in cartilage between joints.

Type III collagen is common along with type I in the skin and blood vessels.

Type IV collagen is crucial for the formation of basal membranes, a specific type of thin layer that separates cells from underlying structures.

Type V collagen is found in the skin and placenta and co-occurs with type I.

Type X collagen is part of the bone and cartilage structure.

Each type of collagen contains slightly different amino acids. With a combination supplement, you take the profile of amino acids that your body also uses itself to make collagen. So it's a good strategy to eat different types of collagen if you want to support your own collagen production.

Why do I need collagen?


Collagen is the most abundant protein in the body and it is mainly found in our connective tissue. The body's natural ability to produce supportive amounts of connective tissue decreases after the age of 25. For some, this process starts earlier, for others later. This is genetically and epigenetically determined. On top of that, we get very little collagen through food these days (think: the skin of a chicken or fish, organ meat, bone broth). It is therefore all the more important to supplement collagen with a supplement.

Want to know how much collagen you need? Then read this blog.


Which collagen supplement should I choose?

Collagen is a hugely popular supplement. There are many providers on the market. With this checklist, you will know how to find the ultimate collagen supplement!

Enzymatically produced collagen hydrolysate


Collagen is the longest protein found in the body. Long protein chains are difficult to absorb. Hydrolysation improves digestibility by breaking down collagen into small pieces (peptides). This makes collagen hydrolysate easily soluble in hot and cold drinks and your body absorbs it better.

At NoordCode, we use only enzymatically produced collagen hydrolysate. This requires no heating or chemicals that could damage the protein.


A sustainable origin



A quality mark for bovine collagen is 'grass-fed'. The term 'grass-fed' refers to the diet of the animals used for the collagen. In grass-fed products, the animals spend most of the year on pasture. They eat grass and other crops, which is full of vitamins, minerals and nutrients.

Collagen from grass-fed European cows is a sustainable choice. The animals can roam more freely and eat grass, giving them a more animal-friendly and pleasant life. It is also good for the environment. Because the animals walk outside, they fertilise the land themselves, so no artificial fertilisers are needed. This is a much more natural process with less nitrogen emissions.


Sustainably sourced fish

Does the product contain fish collagen? Then you will want to see certificates confirming that the fish was caught sustainably. With an MSC or Friends of the Sea certificate, you can be sure you have a sustainable product in your hands.



For a fish collagen product, it is important that it is tested for heavy metals. This is because fish can contain heavy metals. These substances end up in fish due to marine pollution.

It is also important, and this applies to any collagen product, that it has been tested for food safety, think salmonella and E. Coli.

No additives

Sweeteners, artificial flavours, binders, fillers, and thickeners are often used in collagen supplements. Look for collagen with only active ingredients (collagen) on the label, or make sure you understand what the ingredients are.


Pure Collagen VS. Complete Collagen

Pure Collagen


If you are looking for a high-quality collagen supplement, NoordCode's Pure Collagen is a high-quality collagen powder derived from grass-fed cows. The cows eat grass and other plants all year round. They receive no grains, hormones or antibiotics. For environmental reasons, NoordCode opted for grass-fed European cows.

The purity and optimal protein ratio have been tested in an independent laboratory. We don't add anything to our Pure Collagen. It contains only one ingredient and that is pure beef collagen.

Pure Collagen contains type I in particular. Besides collagen type I, Pure Collagen also contains small amounts of other collagen types, such as collagen type III and collagen type V.


For the diverse omnivore

Do you regularly eat the skin of a fish, say salmon? Or do you often eat drumsticks or otherwise the skin of chicken? Do you sometimes draw broth from fish, lamb or beef bones? Then Pure Collagen is a perfect choice for you. After all, you don't need a supplement that combines different collagen sources, because you already do this yourself with your diet.

Versatile in use

Pure Collagen is flavourless. This makes it a perfect ingredient to add to any hot and cold beverage. For example, we like to add it to our coffee in the morning. But you can also incorporate it into a sauce, soup or stew.

Complete Collagen


Another high-quality product is NoordCode Complete Collagen. Complete Collagen contains 5 types of collagen from 3 sources of collagen hydrolysate. It comes from clean sustainable sources from land and sea. Collagen from beef, fish, and eggshell membranes provide you with collagen types I, II, III, V, and X. The beef collagen in Complete Collagen is the same ingredient we use for Pure Collagen. The fish collagen has a Friends of the Sea certificate.

It contains natural vitamin C from acerola berries to support collagen production. We have also added 5 grams of extra glycine to the formula, giving you a total of 7 grams glycine per serving, in addition to the 2 grams from collagen itself. Despite the fact that our bodies make 3 grams of glycine per day, there is reason to get more glycine through food. Evidence suggests that the optimal intake is about 7 grams per day, for a total of 10 grams of glycine per day.

Complete Collagen only has active ingredients, so no unnecessary additives such as emulsifiers or flavour enhancers. We have tested the product in an external laboratory for heavy metals.


For the vegetarian or filet and steak lover


Do you eat vegetarian? Or do you like to get your protein from chicken breast, steak, yogurt or eggs? Then Complete Collagen is the collagen supplement for you. With this diet, you don't get much collagen (because, as you now know, it's only in the ligaments, bones and skin). With Complete Collagen, you can be sure you're getting enough different sources of collagen.

More limited in use

Complete Collagen contains Naticol® fish collagen, which is known for its neutral taste. So you don't have to worry about a fish's taste or smell. However, due to the added glycine, Complete Collagen is sweeter than Pure Collagen. The acerola berries are sour. Its sweet-sour flavour makes Complete Collagen use more limited to, for example, water with lemon, mint, or berries. Complete Collagen also fits perfectly into a smoothie, yogurt, or Thai curry, or soup.

Other considerations

Due to the precious ingredients, Complete Collagen is more expensive than Pure Collagen. 



Pure Collagen and Complete Collagen are both high-quality collagen supplements. The choice depends on your personal diet. Furthermore, the choice depends on how you want to use the product. Do you like to drink coffee with collagen? Then go for Pure Collagen. Are you not a coffee drinker or prefer to take collagen with water? Then Complete Collagen is a perfect choice.

Do you use glycine or vitamin C as a supplement? With Complete Collagen, you no longer need to buy these separately. The formula gives you 5 grams of extra glycine, on top of the 2 grams of glycine from collagen itself. Finally, it contains a great natural source of vitamin C from acerola berries.

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