About NoordCode

NoordCode offers the purest, highest quality functional food and supplements to consumers in Europe. We are a team of high-performers who design and develop products to our own use, as well. We do not settle for average but want to bring better quality nutrition products to the European market, with local sourcing and reasonable pricing. 

The inspiration for our name “NoordCode” comes from the Northern European high-quality standards. Our Viking mentality helps in going the extra mile to reach the best results, whether it’s about product quality or customer service. We always strive for optimal performance, and not just in words; we actually prove that in many ways. All our products are lab tested for purity, and free of toxins and moulds.

Our products are made of the highest quality ingredients; no fillers, no growth hormones, antibiotics, toxins, mould, or oxidation. We endorse grass-fed, organic, alpine cow's milk, and raw, pure ingredients whenever possible. Your body will love it, and you’ll get to enjoy the taste!

How it started


The idea for NoordCode was born when we realised how difficult it is to find high-quality nutritional products which are delicious, made in Europe, and also reasonably priced. The majority of functional foods sold in EU are imported from around the world. This doesn’t make sense since we have very high-quality ingredients in Europe, and importing makes the costs and prices rise due to logistics and customs.

Our main goal was to create a European functional food product line that meets the highest standards. It’s important for us to know the source of the ingredients and prove the quality by lab testing and certifications. Our expertise in food products and supplements has formed during years of learning and testing.

Our founder is Eduard de Wilde. He’s also the founder of LiveHelfi.com and a biohacker himself. He learned that you can improve your physical and mental performance by making the right lifestyle choices. Food and supplements are an essential part of it.



Food with a purpose and great taste
We believe that food should be both healthy and tasty.

European Quality
NoordCode is a European brand, and our healthy foods and supplements are made in Europe. One of our core principles is to source the ingredients as much as possible in the EU.

Purest ingredients
The quality of the ingredients comes first. Our products are developed to support a clean, whole food diet that aims to reduce inflammation.

Openness & Honesty
We value transparency as one of our main principles. We want to make sure that you know exactly what you put in your mouth.

Excellence & High-Performance
Our life philosophy is all about becoming the best version of ourselves. We don’t want to compromise and settle for average quality, and this applies to food, as well.


NoordCode is our life mission, and we are doing all we can to help other high-performers find the best functional foods and supplements in Europe.