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How Much Collagen Do I Need?

The perfect ratio | Pure Collagen Complete Collagen

Collagen is the most abundant protein in the body and it is mainly found in our connective tissue. The body's natural ability to produce supportive amounts of connective tissue decreases after the age of 25. The average person today gets very little collagen from their diet, which is why it is so important to supplement collagen.

How much collagen you need differs from person to person. It all depends on the amount of animal protein you consume. Let's talk about the methionine/glycine ratio.

Methionine and glycine are two amino acids found in the animal proteins we eat. Methionine is an essential amino acid as our bodies do not produce it. We can only get methionine through food. Glycine, on the other hand, is non-essential. Our body makes something like 3 grams of glycine per day. You can also get glycine from food.

Methionine is found in (muscle) meat, eggs, dairy, poultry, and fish. Glycine is especially abundant in skin, bones, organ meats, ligaments and collagen powder.
The problem is that today most people eat too much methionine and leave out the glycine-rich foods. The key is a perfect ratio between both.


So, what would be the perfect ratio?

First, you have to understand that it is easier to focus on getting enough protein than on getting enough methionine, simply due the fact that if we get enough protein in our diet we will get enough methionine.
Every gram of methionine needs to be balanced out by 0.5-1 gram glycine. Collagen provides 25 times more glycine as methionine. You can opt for the perfect ratio by adding an extra gram of collagen for every 10 grams of methionine-rich protein. So for example, if you consume 100 grams of protein (lean meat, eggs, dairy or fish), add 10 grams of collagen powder that contains 10 grams of protein.

An easy tool to calculate your daily protein intake is the chronometer app (it's free!).

Pure Collagen

If you’re looking for high-quality collagen, NoordCode's Pure Collagen is a premium collagen supplement sourced from French grass-fed cows. The cows eat grass and other plant compounds throughout the year. They are not fed any grains, hormones or antibiotics so the end product is as high-quality as possible. The purity and optimal protein ratio have been tested in an independent laboratory. We do not add anything to our Pure Collagen. It contains only one ingredient and that is pure collagen.

Complete Collagen

Another excellent choice is NoordCode Complete Collagen. Complete Collagen contains 5 types of collagen from 3 sources of collagen hydrolysate. It is derived from clean sustainable sources from land and sea. Collagen from beef, fish, and eggshell membrane provide you with collagen types I, II, III, V, and X. It contains vitamin C from acerola to support collagen production. We have also added 5 grams of extra glycine to the formula, giving you a total of 7 grams per serving. Complete Collagen contains only active ingredients, so no unnecessary additives, such as emulsifiers or flavour enhancers. We have tested the product at a third-party laboratory for heavy metals.

Our manufacturing process complies with the highest European standards. Pure Collagen and Complete Collagen are enzymatically processed to leave their peptides undamaged. This results in a highly bioavailable protein, with a neutral taste.


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