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Hydrolyzed Collagen Promising For Anti-Aging

In the wellness realm, collagen supplements are revered for their anecdotal benefits for the skin and joints. New research article by Found My Fitness is released about the potentials of—specifically—hydrolyzed collagen on aging. Let's look at which—and how much—collagen might fit into your routine and what the overall benefits are. Because besides skin and joints, there's is more to it..

The research, carried out by Rhona Patrick's team, addresses the following results. Clinical studies and trials using hydrolyzed collagen have shown promise in improving; 

• skin aging

• decreasing joint pain due to arthritis or athletic injury

• improving bone health

• alleviating hypertension

Hydrolyzed collagen can be supplemented via powders, capsules, sachets and (homemade) bone broth. However, evidence suggests that the essential amino acids in collagen varies significantly in bone broth preparations compared to hydrolyzed collagen supplements, which are more consistent. This is something to be aware of, particularly if you are trying to achieve the results that have been found in clinical studies and trials using hydrolyzed collagen powder. [1]


Usage of hydrolyzed collagen

Most people don't consume enough collagen. The reason why is because we used to eat the entire animal from nose to tail. The average cow is about half muscle meat and half "other stuff," which includes bones, skin, tendons, ligaments, fascia, and other bits extremely rich in collagen.

The human body requires at least 16 grams of glycine per day for basic metabolic processes. We can only synthesize 3 grams. The typical omnivorous diet provides just 2-3 grams per day, so we're looking at an average daily deficit of 10 grams that we need to make up for through diet. Collagen is roughly 1/3 glycine, so that means we need to be eating about 30 grams of collagen per day to hit our 10-gram dosage. [2] Most collagen powders contain a scoop equal to 10-12 grams.⠀



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